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A full range of print finishing and binding services are available, including:

Perfect Binding - This is a solely adhesive based binding. It is the easiest and least durable way to produce books, and is how most paperback books are bound. Single leafs are jogged to form a straight block, and the spine edge is glued with PVA, or other bookbinding glue.

Wiro Binding - Wiro binding is a process by which the book is placed on the determined length of cut wire and them pressed to a circular form. Wiro allows you to lay the book open flat. Common applications of this type of binding are calendars, computer and operating manuals, cookbooks, reports and more. We offer standard wiro binding, Calenders with thumb cuts and hangers.

Die-cutting - Is used to produce shapes such as radius corners and folders. The sheet is passed through a die cutting press where a cutting forme impresses steel blades through the sheet to cut out the desired shape. The waste is then removed and the finished product is made up.

Laminating - Lamination films provide both decorative appeal and protective qualities. They also increase the life of printed brochures, menus, and other printed material. Gloss, matt and silk finishes are available.

Encapsulating - Is a process whereby two pieces of film encase the printed sheet. The tough transparent film is heat bonded to the material and to itself at the edges to form a seal that is both tough and damage resistant.

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